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Mar 1, 2021

I’ll be teaching a in depth live class titled "Normalizing Weight Gain Masterclass"

I’ll share what  I have learn in my own journey of gaining weight following years of dieting and restriction.

After going thru my own journey and coaching hundreds of women thru this process I have developed a comprehensive & let’s just say unique  to neutralize weight gain.

In this Masterclass I’ll teach the step-by step process so that you can release the fear and anxiety typically associated with weight gain when leaving dieting behind. 

  • Understand why it’s normal to gain weight after dieting
  • Learn how to neutralizing weight gain
  • How to deal with the anxiety that comes with weight gain specifically for women
  • Learn how to accept weight gain peacefully
  • Gain a healthy understanding of natural body weight & set point theory
  • Shed the fear away from not losing weight or gaining weight

This speciality class will be taught within Conquer and Thrive coaching program.To get access to this workshop you'll need to join before March 28th 2021.

Register here: